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Hasnain Granites a well known granite supplier and granite manufacturer from india, was built-in the year 1998 and with the absolute hard work and commitment by Owner and Director to make Hasnain Granites is one of the largest part successful granite suppliers and exporters of India.

Hasnain Granites as a granite suppliers is supplying Natural stones in India like Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone and Slates which are being used for floor covering, claddings, road surface, landscaping etc. by the side of with all the building stones, marble fit into place a exclusive place, which not only join elegance to a arrangement but also acts as a place symbol in the society. Hasnain Granites a world famous granite suppliers has established itself as a well-known supplier and exporter of best quality Marbles product, Limestone product, Sandstone product, Slates product, Granite Tiles, Granite Slab, Granite Kitchen Tops and Cobbles etc.

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Granite: This natural stone is not even identified for its pleasant appearance but granite is also highly long-lasting and anti to water and lubricant. Legendary for their good looks and survival, our high quality marbles and granites are available in stylish patterns and colors. Our competitively priced limestones are tough, non water-absorbent, non-slippery, non-porous and have brilliant stain removing capability.

Hasnain Granites a best granite suppliers and manufacturers; is a group strong-minded by the majority fresh technology and use current techniques and equipments to supply the better quality granite stones. The employees of this unit comprises of brilliant professionals who are well versed in their field. Our products are logically priced and a make an effort is made to share out the products to the customers well within the specific time casing. 100% of our crop are supplied to many countries across the world.

Granite is also recognized as Fire Rocks. Granite is a gathering of igneous rocks. Granite is shaped in way of tardily temperature reduce of magma, at the mediocre shell of earth. About Granite It is believed that granite is one of the hardest materials, used for construction jobs. Granite is practically acid-fast, and long lasting. Granite is hugely used for dissimilar interior and exterior building purposes. Polishing of Granite makes its look more smooth and shinning, which remains even in ruthless situations. The general components of Granites are orthoclase, muscovite, hornblende, plagioclase feldspars, quartz etc. In addition to this, Granite consists of secondary optional extra minerals like apatite, garnet, magnetite, & zircon.

Hasnain Granites supply different granite stones directly from quarries and process them at our factory in various finishes like natural, honed, polished, calibrated, brushed, sandblasted and tumbled in hand cut or machine cut edges. Hasnain Granites a team of granite suppliers and manufacturers team of qualified professionals looking after processing, dressing, inspecting and shipment of these natural building stones.

We at hasnain granites a well known granite suppliers, have elite quarries of natural stones that are associated with our state-of-the-art calibration & polishing plant and our gang saw units. We have sophisticated stone-cutting plants that enable us to cater to the specifications of our customers. Our calibration plant utilizes new-age technology, which is capable of producing items to meet the high accuracy requirements of any project.

Hasnain granite a world famous granite suppliers have got master craftsmen which technique these stones and when these are polished and finished to exactness, the attractiveness these items reflect is truly fantastic, stunning and simply enchanting that leaves the onlookers spell-bounded. Our wonderful variety of these stones & items are available in traditional as well as in fashionable styles that are specially designed to add a delicate touch to the surroundings.

A wide variety of attractive Granite shades & textures is available with us call us now and our experienced team of granite manufacturers and granite suppliers, will provide you a high quaility granite range. We also deal in other dimensional stones that are procured from the Indian subcontinent.

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