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Granite Exporter in India




Granite is one of the most popular and one of the required stone in building materials. Granite has been used for both commercial as well as for purposes. Granite slabs and tiles are widely used in countertops floors, stair treads and several of other design elements. Granite is coarse grained quartz and feldspar – bearing igneous rock. Since Granite stone’s hardness and imperviousness to moisture and acid, granite countertops are almost not possible to stain.




Hasnain Granites is one of the leading Granite Exporter in Indiasince 1998. We are one of the biggest Granite processing units in North India.


Hasnain Granites proves itself to be a specialized, dynamic and committed company towards processing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing of Granite.


Our company is a full service oriented company providing granite tiles, slabs and cut to size products.


Hasnain Granites have been supplying international quality granite since it’s establishment. The set up of Hasnain Granites Exporter in India was begun in order to cater to the precise needs of our esteemed customers and to promulgate a pioneering idea of service in the Granite Exporter market.


Our company consists of an extensive system of proficient Quarrying and Transport agents to provide to any kind of order with a smallest lead-time.


Our company stands as leading Granite dealers, manufacturers of:


·         Granite slabs


·         Granite block suppliers


·         Granite Exporter of Slabs


·         Cut size slabs


·         Blocks


We firmly believe in complete customer happiness and their satisfaction with our products. Our Staff are highly trained to provide professional and courteous customer service and a desire to share our love of Hasnain Granite. Our team members will assist you at every step of the way in adding natural beauty to your life and value to your home with our granite. 


We manufacture top and master quality of granite to craft our natural stone from India. The mystery to our triumph is our efficiency in sourcing the right materials from the right granite block suppliers at the appropriate and reasonable costs and transforming them with the most recent manufacturing machines to broaden the best quality fulfilled granite products to all our clients.