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Hasnain Granites a Granites Slabs Unit Introduce: Granite Slabs are mainly strong and tough of all countertop materials. There are over 100 different colors and patterns of granite slabs. Granite’s well colors, exclusive patterns and hardness make it an perfect option for kitchen counter tops, floors, walls or exterior cladding. Granite slabs have low maintenance. Granite slabs have its own mineral make up that creates the colors and structure. Granite’s brilliant natural color palette and near diamond-hard, non-porous surface makes it the best matter for countertops.

Granite slabs are a significant structural and decorative stone, and due to its elevated compressive hardness and durability, it is used for huge structural work. Fine-grained granite slabs are employed for decorative and epic work as well as for dedication purposes. Granite is the hardest of structural stones. Granite Slabs are mineral-rich colors, the solidity and compactness, make it an ultimate choice for flooring; counter tops vanities as well as outdoor applications. A wide variety of stylish patterns and colors makes granite slabs the most adaptable and strong of all stones. It is also the mainly "maintenance free" of all stones.

Granite is made up of quartz, feldspars and micas, as well as traces of a large range of other minerals. These minerals contribute to the color and texture of the different granites. Crystal size is somewhat determined by the rate at which the granite cools: the slower cooling process, the larger crystals grow. Faster cooling forms fine-grained granites. Granites obtain their amazing range of colors and patterns from minerals that are melted into the fluid collection as it is formed.

Granite is one of the mainly trusts leading materials in the world, it’s durably in conditions of hardness as well as attractive value being world-renowned. For large building projects which engage a necessity of countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, granite slabs remain to be prime choices for all kinds of applications – multi-unit housing projects, large scale commercial construction, flooring and wall coverings for public buildings. The best in granite slabs are cut using the latest technology, polished on one side for a refined look that continues to reflect the natural beauty of the stone, and are shipped in bundles for use as durable and versatile building materials. Granite slabs are naturally suited to being a part of architectural legacies all over the world.

The characteristic swirls and veins of many colored granite slabs range are usually due to different mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, or chart which were originally present as grains or layers in the limestone. Green coloration is often due to winding resulting from originally high magnesium limestone or solo stone with silica impurities.

Hasnain Granites is a destination for the broad range of granites. We are one of the well-known Granite product manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. Hasnain Granites have quite a lot of wonderful collections of Green Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone and Stone Chips. Hasnain Granites the foremost importer and exporter of quality Granite product bring you the complete collection which is bold and contemporary from across the world.

Hasnain Granites is used in making attractive memorials called Granite Monuments. Granite is also taking its place in homes and business establishments in the form of vases, furniture etc. since many people are becoming attentive of the versatility of this natural product. Granite is used as a building material in the form of granite tiles and granite slabs for wall cladding, roofing and flooring and a variety of other interior and exterior applications. Granite Slabs can give you a warm or cool look; Granite slabs can have a rough finish or a smooth shinning finish, either way Granite Monuments or Granite furniture look pleasing. Granite is one of the hardest materials obtainable and hence strong. These products give value for money since it is nearly maintenance free.

Some Variety of Granite Slabs is described below:

Absolute Black Granite Slabs:

Absolute Black granite slabs are solid black granite has an extremely consistent color and texture. Absolute black granite is optional for both indoor and outdoor usage and can be used on countertops, floors, and outdoor cladding.
Amber Yellow Granite Slabs:

Amber Yellow granite has gold and yellow undertones with gray and dark brown veins. This durable granite is available in both slabs and tiles and is optional for interior and exterior uses as well as in areas with climates that have freezing temperatures.  

Apollo Strom Granite Slabs:
Apollo Storm granite is wonderful gold granite with medium variations of creams and darker gold. This polished granite slabs are optional for residential and commercial applications including floors, countertops and walls.

Black Galaxy Granite Slabs:
Black Galaxy granite is generally black granite with small gold or white dots. Black galaxy granite is obtainable in a number of finishes including polished and honed and available in both slabs and tiles.

Blue Bahia Granite Slabs:
Blue Bahia granite features different shades of light blue and medium blue with small variations and grains of gray and white. This granite is good for backsplashes, countertops and flooring in both commercial and residential properties.

Blue Louise Granite Slabs:
Blue Louise granite is a vivid testimonial for indoor and outdoor projects. The deep blue and red with large variations create the delusion of progress in all applications including countertops, flooring, landscaping and backsplashes.