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Slate short description: Slate is actually a sedimentary rock, but quite different from limestone which is made up of shell and bones, due to the best features of slate it is widely becoming popular among all. Slate can also comprise of a few of the same materials found in granite, which makes some slates sparkling and/or hard. Like limestone and marble, the color comes from trace metals. The wild colors on most Indian slates are the result of splitting the slate along natural layers, which exposes the metals to the atmosphere and they oxidize (rust).

Slate is generally composed of quartz and muscovite or illite, frequently along with biotite, chlorite, hematite, and pyrite, less frequently, apatite, graphite, kaolin, magnetite, tourmaline, or zircon as well as feldspar. Owing of low water absorption slate is mainly fitting as a roofing material.

Slate tiles are frequently used for:

·         Interior and exterior flooring, stairs

·         Walkways

·         Wall cladding

Slate tiles are installed and set on big mortar and grouted along the edges. Another use of slates is that it can also be set into walls to offer a rudimentary damp-proof covering. Small off cuts are used as shims to level up the floor joints.

Colors of Slate:

Slate is generally grey in color, particularly when seen, en masse, covering roofs. Slate is not to be mystified with shale, from which it may be formed.

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